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our website Which games can be played?

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Elevating online casinos such as online baccarat is important The website therefore pays great attention to this matter.

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Do you have any doubts? That’s why OKWIN website is the most popular website right now. would be a question New gamblers are wondering if they want financial stability. A website that is honest, doesn’t take advantage, shouldn’t miss our website. to get marketing techniques Just have 1 baht of money, you can bet and try your luck. The shop is ready to pay when placing a winning bet. No cheating. Guaranteed.

Zetema Cards : Victorian Card Game

It was invented in 1871 but has been updated and modernized while retaining Victorian charm. That’s not too hard to learn. But it takes a strategic mind to control. was invented in the year It was first published in 1871, published in a book in 1881, then quietly forgotten while implementing a new idea. Zetema had a few flaws that could have led to its demise.

In 1969, game expert Sid Sackson discovered and realized its potential. He revised the rules and modernized them. Then he published in his book. This led to the novel’s interest in it once again among connoisseurs. Just as Bezique had its way of life, Game felt like a cross between Bezique and Rummy. Flexible, from 2 to 6, playable 3. Works exceptionally well, 4 or 6 works best in partnership. A partnership for 6 people can be 2 partners, 3 people or 3 partners of 2 partners. Not one of the great ones in the world so probably not that popular on this site. But Sackson’s modern editing makes it quite fun. (Our rules are based on Sackson’s.) Take it and go back to the Victorian mind. through which reflect their love for luxury also pay strategic attention

Apply for baccarat to start the game.

You will need to modify the traditional 52-card deck. To do this you will need an additional deck and will remove 1 set of cards (most people recommend a spade even if it doesn’t affect the round). These 13 cards will be added to the 52 card deck. Others To create a modified deck of 65 cards that can be used for rounds, once the deck is created, the cards must be shuffled and the hands are dealt. In it, 2-5 people, the size of the card is 6, in it 6 people the size. The hand is reduced to 5 cards. One card should be given to random people one at a time until the hand size is reached. The rest to the nearby draw pile at the start of the game will not have any cards in it. But there should be a room designated for the scene. The tableau is made up of 13 piles for each card rank and all discarded cards should be tilted so that all cards are visible.

goals for and agreements

The goal is to score 300 in there with 2-3 people and 200 of them with 4-6 people. You achieve this by playing cards in suits and number one to score. These points are discussed below in the play section and Points can be played as a partner or individually. If playing in an alliance, each side still has its own hand. But the points earned are accumulated as one for two or three people. The goal is to be the first to score at least 300 in as many hands as necessary. If played four or more times, the winning total is 200.

Use a deck of 65 cards. This is a 52 normal deck with a “duplicate suit” from another deck. Build a deck by taking the 13 Spades from the second deck and shuffling it into the 52 normal deck. Emperor’s attire Use Spades as Emperor’s attire for consistency and convenience for two to five people. 6 per person. For six people, 5 per person. (In subsequent game descriptions we assume 6 cards.


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