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In this digital world, data plays an integral part in business. Organizations use the customers’ data to get valuable insights for growth as well as to provide personalized services. Data is an asset of a company, and most of the time organizations are becoming prey to cyber breach incidents. So, it is significant for an organization to implement cybersecurity measures to safeguard from cyber threats.


The Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA) is a gap analysis and risk assessment that employs cyber security best practices as well as recognized cyber frameworks to answer questions about your current security program, like your biggest risks, the potency of your cybersecurity strategy, etc. Amidst the growing reliance on technology, these assessments are essential for an organization of any size but particularly the big ones.

Thecybersecurity maturity assessmentmeasures your organization’s strategic position in the face of cyber threats. It instills observing specific policies that protect essential assets, infrastructure, applications, and data. The evaluation also focuses on the best course of action that can be adopted by your business for each control area, as well as organizational effectiveness, and instills more maturity in internal policies and procedures.


The cyber security maturity assessment’s main goal is to provide a view of your current security posture, an objective review of the existing plans, and a guide to strategic planning. Thecyber maturity assessmentalso helps your organization to develop tactical and strategic directions to further mature and strengthen your security program efforts.

Aligning your security program with the best practices outlined in the assessment better positions your program to meet industry compliance standards which is a significant thing for your organization.


The CSMA focuses especially on the specific controls which protect the assets, infrastructure, and applications by assessing the organization’s defensive posture. It also emphasizes operational best practices for each control area as well as the organizational effectiveness and maturity of internal policies and procedures.

It can also be tailored to align with the several different recognized cybersecurity control sets and frameworks based on the goals, industry, and maturity level of your organization. The maturity assessment assesses compliance with several industry requirements, control sets, and frameworks.


As the term maturity refers to the ability of an organization to undertake continuous improvement in a particular discipline, when it comes to data maturity assessment, the discipline refers to the data management of an organization.

The data management maturity assessment should be performed for two main reasons which include, first is to improve the performance of data management. It helps in developing strategies, roadmaps, and plans. The second is benchmarking the results against other companies by developing a tool that assists the company in constantly measuring performance and progress.


The approach of Tsaaro is to study the cybersecurity risks and their potency, understand suitable measures to fight them and draft comprehensive reports on myriad aspects.

We take control of the key cybersecurity areas by determining their potency against risks and present a comprehensive report to read and acknowledge the posed cybersecurity threats and a detailed review of the steps undertaken

The focal points of this assessment include legal and regulatory compliances, operational and technological aspects of workplace efficiency, crisis management, and business continuity among others.


Analysis of the current security framework of your organization

Identification of vulnerabilities that can prove to be determined for your cybersecurity infrastructure

Maturity assessment of your cybersecurity infrastructure, making it suitable to the future needs of your organization.

Valuable insights on the shortcomings of your cybersecurity mechanism, and how to overcome it.


Our skilled and experienced team of experts provides you with the exact details and pinpointed approach to solve your organization’s cybersecurity issues, we are flexible in our approach which helps us adapt better to the needs of your organization.

At Tsaaro, we equip you with all that you need to know about cybersecurity infrastructure, inform you about the areas that require correction, which can be corrected, and implement them for you.

We also help you identify the threats you possibly cannot fight for the very nature of those, in the face of ever-evolving technology and help mitigate and minimize damage.

Tsaaro reviews the existing documentation that deals with cybersecurity, meet the people in charge of its implementation, and checks their practical application by your organization. Takes control of the six key cybersecurity areas by determining their potency against risks.

At the end of this exercise, we present you with a comprehensive report to read and acknowledge the posed cybersecurity threats and a detailed review of the steps mentioned above.

Tsaaro also offers the Best Cyber Security Courses,which help you to upskill in the domain of cybersecurity or if you want to become a cybersecurity professional. So, check out Tsaaro for a cybersecurity certification course or cybersecurity certification trainingto start your journey in cybersecurity.


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