Delta Air Line’s baggage policy

Delta Air Line’s baggage policy

Do you intend to take a flight with Delta Air Lines? Learn everything you need to know about the baggage allowance, rules, and costs for Delta Air Lines by reading this article. If you have booked flight tickets with Delta Airlines, you will have to be aware of the baggage policy. According to Delta Air Lines baggage policy, you are allowed to carry one personal item and one carry-on item for free. So you can either read the details that are mentioned below, or you can also talk to the Delta airlines customer service team at +1 800-221-1212.

Delta Airlines’ hand baggage allowance

  • On Delta flights, each passenger is permitted one free personal item and one standard carry-on bag.
  • The personal object is described as a purse, laptop bag, or another item that will fit under the seat in front of you even though its size is not specified.
  • On the other hand, the carry-on bag can only be a maximum of 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. There is no weight restriction on your carry-on, except on trips to Singapore or some regions of China. If there isn’t enough capacity for your carry-on luggage by the time you board the aircraft, you can have it checked at the gate at no extra charge.
  • There is no weight limit for your bag under the Delta carry-on regulations unless you are leaving from one of the following locations:

§  Less than 15 pounds in Singapore

§  22 pounds or less in Beijing

§  22 pounds or less in Shanghai.

Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage

You will have a varied amount of luggage space for each class. As a result, the guidelines and limitations vary greatly. The set of guidelines you must adhere to is as follows:

  • If you are traveling first class, you may bring one bag weighing 32 kg. Additionally, you are permitted to bring one handbag and one personal item.
  • You are only allowed to bring one suitcase that weighs 23 kg, one handbag, and one personal item if you are flying in the main cabin, which is equivalent to economy class.
  • You are not permitted to bring any liquids in a bag that you packed at home.
  • You are not permitted to bring any metallic items in your bag.
  • If you are traveling in economy, the cost of checked bags ranges from $30 to $40.
  • There is a 62-inch maximum size for the bag (158 cm). Therefore, your bag shouldn’t be larger than that as well.
  • If you wish to check your bags even 24 hours before the trip, you can do so online to save time.  With so much of your airport time saved, you can unwind when you get there.

If you have any queries on Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage, you can call the customer service team at +1 800-221-1212.

Delta Air Lines student baggage allowance

College students can receive discounts from Delta Airlines. You can read the information below if you’re interested in learning more about Delta Airlines’ student discount offers:

  • You can get various incredible discounts and offers from Delta Airlines if you are a student attending one of the US institutions.
  • When you fly with Delta, we want to make sure you feel ready and are aware of all the details about your luggage before, during, and after your trip.
  • Depending on the cabin service class that was reserved, each adult or kid traveler is entitled to 2 free checked bags weighing up to 23 kilograms.
  • The weight limit for a ticket in economy class is 7 kilograms. All checked luggage must adhere to maximum weight and linear dimension of 62 inches for Delta One, first, or business class, and 50 pounds (23 kg) for economy (158 cm).

How much does Delta Air Lines take baggage fees?

Baggage fees start at $30 for a single checked item in economy on all of Delta’s domestic flights (specifically, anywhere within the 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands); a second checked bag costs $40.

  • Depending on the places you travel between, the first checked luggage fee can cost anything between nothing and $60 for each trip.
  • The cost of the second checked bag varies based on the places you fly between, from $40 to $100 each way.
  • The cost of the third checked bag varies based on the places you fly between, from $100 to $285 for each trip.
  • Depending on the places you travel between, bags 4 through 10 cost anywhere between $200 and $285 for each trip.
  • Additional fees apply to bags that are overweight or oversize.

If you’re traveling worldwide, that changes. For instance, the first luggage is free when traveling to Rome, but the second bag costs $100. Similar rules apply to flights to Beijing and Tokyo, however, you are given two free checked bags for flights to other overseas locations like Delhi, Cairo, and Muscat. The cost of baggage depends on the destination, your business class, and the number of bags you carry.

Delta Air Lines business class baggage allowance

  • On flights operated by Delta, you can check up to 10 pieces of baggage, whereas on flights operated by Delta Connection, you can only check up to 4. Each bag may be subject to a fee.
  • There is plenty of space for you on the journey thanks to the deeper business class seats, which also provide more legroom and up to 50% more recline. On lengthy flights, you will have a blanket, pillow, set of headphones, and amenity pack. You may watch Delta Studio on the screen in your seatback for all the in-flight entertainment you need.
  • Some International flights provide complimentary checked baggage. If they have not paid a Basic Economy fare, economy travelers on flights from the United States to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are entitled to a free checked bag.

For more details on Delta Airlines’ business class baggage allowance, you can call the customer service team at +1 800-221-1212.

Delta Air Lines baggage allowance international

  • You have to measure your bag in linear inches or centimeters (length + width + height) before checking it. On flights run by Delta or Delta Shuttle, each passenger is allowed to check up to 10 bags.
  • Free two checked baggage between the United States and Canada. On international flights, one free checked bag is offered in addition to the regular allotment.
  • Delta, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy Comfort: Two complimentary bags, each weighing 50 pounds (23 kg). 3 complimentary 50-pound (23-kg) bags are included with Delta Premium Select.
  • Three complimentary pieces of baggage (each weighing 70 pounds (32 kg)) are provided for First Class and Delta One passengers. Your luggage can be 62 inches long, wide, and tall.
  • You are allowed to carry 1 personal item, such as a purse, a briefcase, a camera bag, a diaper bag, a laptop bag, or something of comparable size, and 1 carry-on luggage. A tiny musical instrument can be used in place of one of your carry-on items.

Additionally, you can transport:

  • a coat, a hat, or an umbrella
  • Purchasing food or beverages after passing the security checkpoint
  • Products exempt from duty
  • Special equipment like pushchairs, car seats for children, or aids like wheelchairs or crutches.

For more details on Delta Air Lines baggage allowance international, you can call the customer service team at +1 800-221-1212.

How can I track my checked baggage?

  • First, go to the website Delta Airlines Lost Baggage tracking page.
  • Enter your 10-character file reference number in the first column and your last name in the second column, then press the submit button.
  • Please double-check that your name, address, travel details, and bag type are accurate.
  • Information regarding your luggage tracking page for lost or delayed bags on Delta Airlines will be provided.

If you need more information on Baggage tracking Delta Airlines, you can visit the official website. Otherwise, contact Delta Airlines customer care at +1 800-221-1212.

How to get free baggage on Delta Air Lines?

If you are traveling in economy class, you can get the check-in for one bag of 2 kgs for free and one carry-on bag & personal item. For first-class, the weight limit is 32 kg. This is the primary difference. After this, if there are any other bags, then you will have to pay extra charges for Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage.

When do you pay for baggage on Delta Air Lines?

You can check in and let Delta know how many baggages you’ll be checking up to 24 hours before your flight on the Fly Delta app or at Drop your things off at Baggage Drop if you have already checked in. At the airport, you can also check bags and pay for them. When checking in beginning 24 hours before departure, Delta Air Lines does allow customers to prepay for luggage online.

I hope you can understand Delta Air Lines’s baggage policy by reading this article. However, if you are still confused, you can visit the official website for more information. Furthermore, if you face any problem seeing the website, you can call customer service at +1 800-221-1212.


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