Get Insights Into Your Pregnancy Weight Gain: Use Our Calculator Today

Pregnancy is a unique stage in the life of women. It is a phase when everybody motivates the female to attain a sufficient amount of weight and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Several tools help you measure the right weight proportion and choose an appropriate amount of nutrients.’s Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator determines the weight gain procedure based on the factors such as height, age, good diet, pre-pregnancy BMI, and so on. It is a handy tool that tracks how much weight you need to gain during pregnancy according to the suggested guidelines.

You can try the weight gain calculator during pregnancy to compare with various variables every week and determine the current weight gain throughout the pregnancy period. Here’s a quick overview of using the tool to leverage several benefits. 

Use’s Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator in Simple Steps:

It is essential that pregnant ladies need to know how much weight they should put on while turning pregnant. They can use our gain weight calculator pregnancy to get an idea about overweight that doesn’t offer undesirable complications at the time of pregnancy. 

Physicians or consultants recommend gaining an average weight of around 25 to 35 pounds. Though, underweight women need to take a target of around 28 to 40 pounds to stay healthy. It is necessary to gain around 15 to 25 pounds if a woman is already overweight.

Go through a few simple steps with the help of’s Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator as listed in the following:

  • Input your pre-pregnancy height and weight into the required fields. 
  • Our healthy pregnancy weight gain calculator will help you determine the BMI of the pre-pregnancy period. It will show the results in seconds. 
  • Specify if you are predicting twins or others. This will greatly impact on your weight gain. 
  • Using the pregnancy weight gain calculator by week, you can select the week of pregnancy. 
  •’s Pregnancy weight gain calculator will determine the maximum and minimum suggested weight gain by the starting duration of your pregnancy. The Institute of Medicine accepts these figures through the National Academics. It can alter the values to get accurate and correct results. 

Get help from’s Pregnancy weight gain calculator and know how many calories you should take while pregnant. For more info, get in touch with us. 


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