Outsourced DPO Services – Data Privacy & Protection Services.

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a role in the business that deals with data protection and privacy. The DPO is responsible for ensuring that your company follows the rules for how it stores and handles personal information, and he or she also has to make sure that you’re adhering to all of the laws regarding data protection.

What are the 5 key responsibilities of a data protection officer?

1. To ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to processing personal data, privacy and security, intellectual property rights, transparency requirements, as well as other applicable legal provision

2. To implement processes and controls to ensure compliance with these requirements

3. To oversee the monitoring and assessment of risks associated with data processing activities or transfers of personal data across borders (in particular cross-border transfers)

4. To promote awareness among staff members about their responsibilities when they handle personal data or when they handle information systems containing personal data

5. To assist employees with problems related to their rights under European Union law


1. a Data Protection Officer will be able to provide advice and guidance on effective data protection measures, in particular on those that are most suitable for a particular business area, or for individuals within the company.

2. The DPO will help to manage any risks associated with data protection and be able to investigate formally any allegations of breach or security breach of personal information by ensuring that appropriate steps are taken by the organization as well as raising issues with other relevant authorities.

3. A DPO is not just concerned with legal compliance and protection of personal information, but also addresses operational issues such as IT security management, cloud computing best practices etc.

4. An in-depth knowledge of current regulatory developments along with awareness of emerging trends are crucial for keeping abreast of new developments for both internal and external stakeholders.

At Tsaaro, we have dedicated teams for penetration testing, information security, and data privacy compliance.

Our teams keep themselves updated with the latest privacy updates and state-of-the-art information security practices and work with the Research and Development team to ensure the identification, mitigation, and monitoring of privacy risks for the clients.

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